Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Music Video Finale

Riding In Style, Our Vehicle To Move Our Equipment
Hey readers! It's almost the end of the year and you know what that means! One huge project at the end of the year. This year our project isn't as long as it was last year. We are currently working on a music video project which seems to be one of the most favorable projects! My team is Tessa, Tu, and I. We chose Cyndi Lauper's, Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Most music videos have a story to it, however, the actual music video is just a bunch of girls running around the community and making trouble. So, for our music video it's going to be kind of the same concept. Except, we are going to make it have a little story. Cyndi Lauper talks about how the parents basically scolde her. So our story is going to be about girls that stress too much about work and school and then their parents are still trying to push them to do more. Eventually they had enough and that's where the 'girls just want to have fun' part comes in.
Little Helpers To Help Clean The Mess

Me And Tu Get In Position To Make A Mess
I feel like in our editing we did a really good job, in the beginning we have very fast changing shots that change to the beat of the music. I really like the sequence, I feel like our project isn't bad at all. The song starts off with me walking in my house, it shows sequence. For example, I walked in and right as I grabbed for the door knob it changes to the close shot. Another one of my favorites is when Tessa is sitting on the ground doing homework, the beat also changes to the music and it's a very fast shot sequence. In the song there are these loud drops like every 1.5 seconds. That's what we change the shot to.

The music video I think was a great way to end the school year. I got to spend a lot of fun time with my friends before I leave. Back to the project, I feel like our project displays our best work because of the sequence. When we would watch it over and over again while editing we were all kind of amazed at what we could accomplish. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

These past few weeks in GT we worked on puppet warping. In the beginning we took pictures of ourselves to use as our animation characters. First, we had to make a small animation/ .GIF, it was pretty easy. Then came the big project, we had to make a humorous animation that related to each of our personal traits. In it, I am related to my likeablitly or making people laugh, Jasmine is related to her funny comments she makes, which is also about making people laugh, Daileen is related to her diva side, not so much diva, but her girly side.

In our first final we turned in ours wasn't funny. In our second final I plan on adding funny popular sayings like "bruh" and "what are those?" Our life lesson in the story is to be nice to anyone you meet and to stay close to your closest friends because one day they might leave and never come back. Another life lesson is to hold onto best friends because they are hard to find. 

My teams level of productivity was actually pretty good. I'm actually surprised we got it in on time I thought we would be late. The project was good, but it wasn't great. In class it's all about great. I wish we had done better. One big challenge was the main thing, puppet warp. I had such a struggle with it, I would try to change a frame and it would change the whole thing. It turns out you have to make new layers for each frame. That was kind of ridiculous. But, once you get it down, its really easy. I think the best moment throughout this project is when we opened the server folder and dropped the file in. That was such a relief. After that, all my stress and worries melted away. Well, until I got to Social Studies. 

Back to the project, it was a struggle to get it done but it was a fun experience. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Character Development

Final .GIF
Hello. This week in GT we are working on puppets. Yes puppets. Well not real puppets but puppet warp in photoshop. We are taking pictures of ourself to make a puppet GIF. We are supposed to relate the GIF to ourself, like our personality. What type of person am I? Well to start off, I am a go getter. Whenever I see something that has to be done, I do it. However, I can also be lazy. I am also a caring person that absolutely loves animals. In my heart there is one soft spot for animals. Oh yeah, I am also tough. Not on the outside but on the inside. Whenever someone tries to insult me or make fun of me, I don't care. Honestly. Like water off a duck's back. And finally, I am a funny person. When people see me they don't think so, but once you get to know me I can be really funny. Not like a clown funny but I make funny comments. Oh yeah, one more thing. I hate disappointing people.

Some traits I plan to exaggerate is my funny trait. I think I'm funny, sometimes I make a comment on like a movie or something and my family breaks into a loud laugh. But the comment was true, I guess that's what makes it funny. To exaggerate that factor I plan to make jokes. Everyday jokes I would make, I might put into my animation. To do that I will probably make a comment bubble with the comment in it or something like that.

To create my animated GIF I had to first take a picture of myself. Next you open photoshop and create a cutout of yourself erasing the background. Next you puppet warp the character to make it how you would like then you start animating. But you have to make sure your animation window is open or else it will not work. I think my animation is good, but it could also be better. Its really plain and simple, I would have liked maybe another day to make it better, like I move not the chicken.

Friday, March 11, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Hey guys! This week in GT we are in the process of making a humorous movie. We (Tu, Tessa, and I) are going to make it about a substitute and a Tutu. Our keywords are entertaining, pidgin, karma, and embarrassment. We chose those words because it totally relates to the story. In our story, the main character has a substitute and doesn't like her so she goes home and complains to her tutu. The next day she goes to school and the substitute guessed it... the TUTU! That day, the tutu teaches them a lot and passes down her knowledge to them. She says she is going to be the new teacher so Tessa is going to be in shock. The next day the normal teacher comes back and tells them it was all a hoax. When the students hear that they miss tutu and realize that they learned a lot.

Our message for the viewers is to not judge anybody without getting to know them. Tessa, in the story, judges a sub and then complains about it to her tutu. The next day she goes back to school and her tutu is the sub. She treats her grandma like she would any other sub. The next day when the teacher comes back she realizes that her tutu knows a lot and can teach them things they didn't know.

Our biggest team challenge was finding a day when everyone was free. We originally made it Wednesday and Friday but we had some transportation issues and we all have a lo
t on our plate. Places to be, things to do, things to see. :p. Well, anyway. I can't say this project was easy, that would be a lie, but I can say it was fun.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

This week in GT we worked on spherical and polar images. We need to use composite images or else it wont work. Basically, we need more than eight pictures to make a pano. Once you make a pano then you change the image size, adjust the rotation, and give the image polar coordinates. We need composite images to make the tiny worlds have detail. If there were only one picture you wouldn't get as much room, so the world will be small, cramped, and disoriented.

There are two small worlds that we make, polar worlds and spherical worlds. The difference is the polar coordinates. In the polar worlds, we have to rotate the image before we apply the polar coordinates. As to the spherical, you do not. The polar image makes the project look like a tiny world. As to the spherical image makes it look like a inverted world. Lets say I took a pano of a tree. In the polar image the tree would be poking out of a circle. Like a small planet. But a spherical would make it look like the tree is surrounded by a small world. Sorry, its hard to explain.

One main point of the worlds is the fact that they have to be convincing. If you left it how it is, it would most likely have a line of color imbalance smack down the middle. We use the stamp tool in Photoshop to get rid of it and stamp over impurities. Another thing to make it believable is the portraits. We took pictures of ourselves and are going to use them on our worlds to make it look like we are on the top of the world. The main thing about that is the shadow. Everybody has a shadow, if there were no shadow it would just look weird so we need to add a shadow for effect. Getting it to match with the way the sun is hitting our faces is hard. If the sun was hitting us from the left and we placed our shadow on the left, that would be worse than no shadow at all.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

School Montage
Starring Tu Nguyen ;p
Hey readers! This week we are working on photomontages, one of our main role models is, David Hockney. David Hockney's montages are way different and better than mine. David uses many photos to create a kind of depth. I only use about 15. His final products are also so colorful and detailed. Look up David Hockney's work then look at our work. Way more awesome. It is really hard to do something so detailed. David took, probably more than 100 pictures, we took 15-25. Which makes his way more detailed.

Images can have many emotions, everybody is different. Someone might think a dead animal might be a great picture but to most people it will make them gag. Thats disgusting. I personally love taking pictures of nature. I like going on a hike or going to beach and just bringing my camera along. Well, I hope nobody out there has a negative thing against nature. You haven't lived until you seen the beauty of nature.

Honestly my final montage is just pictures I took at home. I really wanted it to be a montage of this tree that was in my back yard. My mom and dad planted it there when I was born. It means so much. But I got home to late and it was dark, then the sun doesn't come up till we leave so I went with my cat. She also means a lot. We've had her for 8 years now. She been with me through thin and thick. My message for you is, don't let mean people get to you, you have 9 lives (get it?). No, but seriously. Don't let them get to you, their probably a bully cause they ran out of their lives and they feel satisfied when the kill one of yours.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Aspirations

Happy 2016 everyone!!! Everyone should have new years resolutions, these are somethings I want to achieve before 2017. One thing is get a 4.0 on my report card. Another thing I want to do is go to another country. Finally I want to go to California to visit my Uncle and cousins, we are going in March. Check that one off the list. Well basically I want to keep it simple, 4.0, another country, California. Yep, all done.

Out of all of these goals, one of them that I didn't mention means the most to me. That goal is, to get into Kamehameha. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get in, but I still hope that I do. Going to Kamehameha means a lot to me. I want to go there because I love Oahu. Plus I would be able to see my grandparents. I also want to go because its a great experience. My older sister goes there already so it would be cool to go to the same school.

Some steps I need to take to get to Kamehameha is, get GREAT grades in school. Another thing that might help me get in is helping out in the community. They love it when you help out in your community. It sets a good reputation for the school when they have students from there helping out on Oahu. Finally I should take a Kamehameha summer school course. If I did get excepted its best to take summer school. Its softens the amount of classes you need to take in the school year. Well anyway, better buckle in cause 2016 is gonna be a wild ride.

 The pictures above are pictures we took over this past week.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Scratch Game Design

 Hey readers! This week in GT we worked in Scratch, which is a website that you can create your own games. We had to create a game where a character had to chase another character so its basically like a chase game. If the character got caught, you would loose a point. I had a hard time at first but after doing one of my other games, it got really easy!

In our class we all have different projects, there are no projects that are exactly the same. My game I use the characters Giga and Tera. There are 3 Teras. The Teras are chasing Giga while Giga tries to collect coins. There are many things that can be different about the game, the characters, the background, the code, etc. In my other game, you try to get to the blue box before time runs out. Use the arrow keys to move left and right, and the space bar to jump.

My code still glitches, if you were to not press anything, your see it. The gift jumps. I tried everything I know, did I fix it? No. Oh well, at least I have something to get graded on. Another thing to get right is the angle of the gift. The gift is upside down, if it isn't then play it again and it will be upside down. Well anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Invention Commercial

This week in GT we had to come up with an idea that doesn't exist yet, make it, then create a commercial about it. We created a "Zip Zip" which is a small round product that slips through your zipper then loops around your button, basically it keeps your zipper up. Some of our main goals for this product, was first of all coming up with a product that we would be able to create. Which we accomplished before the deadline, thankfully. I was also glad that we came up with something that we were able to create surprisingly the Zip Zip was easy to create, it didn't take much to make it.

Some of our best team moments was when we went to my house and we got all the filming done then. If we did not have that day then we would be messed up because maybe we were
wearing something different one day then something else another day. That would not only make the commercial confusing but it could've also given us a lower grade.

We all contributed to this project. Alani and Tu were in the video and I did the one voice over that you hear at the end. I also was the camera operator, and we all helped in the final editing of the video. We thought that it would be best if Alani and Tu were the actors because they are good at acting, unlike me which me strength is behind the camera. Well anyway hope you guys will buy our project.....just cant. Well I mean you can make it yourself. So yeah...BYE!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Composition Scavenger Hunt

Hey readers, this week in Gt we were working on composition techniques. We created a small short video about the techniques and what they are. Out of all the techniques I think the most important is the "Rules of Thirds- Subject" because if you were to do an interview it would be a great thing to know because if you don't most people with place their subject smack down in the middle and tell them to look in the camera which is the worst thing you could possible do.

I think the most difficult technique to do is "Forced Foreground" because sometimes the camera doesn't want to focus and might focus behind the object. Another hard one that I think is hard is the Birds angle and also high angle because it may be hard to get above the subject, if you were to stand on a roof that would be a good angle but also very dangerous.

My teammates were Tu, and Alani. We all did something I did most of the filming, Alani did most of the voice overs, and Tu was in most of the shots. In the end it turned out pretty well, we could have improved though, because in some of the shots the audio cuts off early. Oh well, anyway hope you enjoy and hope you can learn these techniques.